DGST 101

Analogue Appeal – DGST 101: Week 12

A couple of nights ago, I got a text from my friend saying, “we’re taking pictures if you want to come over.” When I got to their residence hall, I saw the group of girls taking photos on a digital camera that looked like it would be something I owned in elementary school. My friend said “the pictures are so cute! They are like 2010-core.” Although these cameras are still digital, they show the resurgence of old(er) technology.

The resurgence of old technology is something I (weirdly) think about a lot. Nowadays, many people (myself included)  have older cameras (like digital cameras, disposable cameras, or polaroid cameras) or have vinyl record players in their rooms, but why? We have plenty of technology that surpasses the quality and features of these things. On my phone alone, I can take high-quality pictures and videos and listen to whatever song I want out loud or in my headphones. I think the reason is we gravitate towards older technology is because we just get bored. Once we get used to technology, if there is nothing new to grab our attention, we revert to what is “new” again. Because of this, I think some kinds of analog technology will always be able to find their place back in the limelight eventually (cassette tapes are coming back, I’m calling it now!).

I often find myself using analog technology. For example, I have a vinyl record player, disposable camera, paper calendar, polaroid camera, and often buy paper copies of books. Even if I read the book online or listen to the audiobook, I still buy hard copies of books I really enjoy. I think a big incentive for using analog things is actually having a hard copy of something in your hand or something to view. For me, I love the look of a bookshelf full of my favorite books. In regards to calendars, I find it much easier to visualize on a hard copy, turning pages for new weeks. Also regarding aesthetics, I think people also like the “vintage” look/sound/feel/etc. of analog technology. 

Vinyl record player