DGST 101

Disinformation, Information Literacy, & The Digital Revolution – DGST 101: Week 10

As we know, disinformation has been around as long as communication has been around. Still, with the rise of social media, disinformation can be created and spread faster and farther than ever before. 

When talking about the quick spread of information on social media or the internet, I always think of this scene from the movie Crazy Rich Asians. In the clip, someone finds out Nick (the male character) is dating Rachel (the female character) and starts to converse with people about it on social media. The news makes its way to a plethora of people, including Nick’s mom, in a matter of minutes. Although this is a fictional example, it does an excellent job of visually portraying the spread of information on social media.

In the new age of the internet, information (and disinformation) can spread not only faster but further. Before the internet, it was rare to connect with people out of your local circle, but the internet changed that completely. Now, not only do we have a platform to share things whenever we want, but we are sharing them with so many more people than before. In addition, we are exposed to so much more information than before social media, which makes the likeness of fact-checking everything we see or hear go down. Along with those two things, I think the older generation tends to believe what they see on the internet because of their lack of social media literacy. Because of these things, I think it is much easier for misinformation to spread now than before the rise of social media. 

Space image from NASA of the U.S.