DGST 101

Rebuild the Internet – DGST 101: Week 5

When we think about the internet, we often skim over the bad parts. Many of us avoid them or are unaware of them. With my project, I wanted to cover the good and then bad of the internet, in a more symbolized way.

Project front

The first part of my project is the internet at surface level, represented by the outside of a shoebox. This is made with candy and colorful beads, symbolizing the often childlike wonder people have with the internet.

Project inside

I wanted there to be a clear juxtaposition between the good and the bad. Inside the shoebox represents not only inside a computer, with all the lights and wires, but the bad and unseen part of the internet. It features eyes, pictures of women and children with their eyes crossed out, money with blood on it, amongst a plethora of wires. 

Project background

Here is a better look at the background of the shoebox.

Project inside – video