DGST 101

Terms of Service – DGST 101: Week 7

Terms and services are something I never really gave a second thought to till recent years. I think my newfound trepidation of these terms came from TikTok. When everything was going on with TikTok (Trump trying to ban it, people saying it was unsafe), I really wondered what kind of information they collected about me. After that fiasco, I changed some settings on TikTok to give me more privacy and educated myself on their new policies. There was some weird stuff in there, especially with the newly updated terms of service. Despite this, I continued to use the app. I think that is one of the scariest things about terms of services; you have to agree to them to use the service. There is no opt-out of changing the conditions. I think that is why many people just click yes, because what are we going to do about it?

Another thing I think stops us from reading the terms of services is the use of florid language that many people cannot understand. When reading the Medium Terms of Service, there was some stuff that I just did not understand (or understood what they were saying, but not how said thing would be implemented). Overall, I’m not too fond of the idea of terms of services because I think it is common knowledge that most people do not read it. Because of this, companies take advantage of that fact and can put (pretty much) whatever they want to.

Website: Read our terms of service Me: No, I don't thinki will Website: We're legally allowed toKILL YOU Text Photo caption Human Font Internet meme
Terms of Service meme