DGST 101

Text Analysis – DGST 101: Week 13

As a huge Harry Potter fan, I decided to analyze Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone (the book). When originally looking at the word cloud, the words that stood out most were “Harry,” “Potter,” “Ron,” “Hermione,” and “said.” For a word cloud, it did a pretty good job summarizing the book (just joking). As you can most likely see, “Harry” is the most popular word, used 1,326 times, while “Potter” is used 114 times. By looking at this, you could safely infer Harry is the main character. Also, the word said is used a lot (794 times). If the viewer had no idea what medium my original text was, it would be easy to assume a book, considering the use of “said” so much. Weirdly, the word “Hagrid” appears more than the word “Hermione.” As Harry Potter fans know, Harry, Ron, and Hermione are the main trio of characters, yet a professor’s name (Hagrid) shows up more than one of the main characters. After noticing that, I inferred it is because Hermione does not become friends with Harry and Ron right away, but the trio (or individuals in the trio) often go to Hagrid for advice (which they would particularly need more of their first year). This discovery was interesting because, although it makes sense now, it is not something I would have thought of before the analysis. Surprisingly, the word “uncle” appears 122 times and “Dudley” 117 times, mostly in the first five chapters. 

I chose some plain-looking font because I thought it looked less messy and also worked with the theme. I chose the lightning bolt shape to represent Harry’s scar. If I were going to perform a deeper analysis, I’d like to see how many other names pop up in the box (ex. Snape 151, Neville 102). I’d also be curious how many times the different houses are mentioned and how many times certain spells or potions are mentioned. 

Word cloud