DGST 395

DGST 395: Week 1 Summary

For day one, we went over the syllabus and joined the Discord server. We also completed a welcome survey, reviewed how to use Discord, and discussed digital fluency. This is the concept of understanding technology and how it works. This discussion included whether coding was acceptable to fill a language requirement.

For day two, we discussed the syllabus more. We also had to set up a website if we did not already have one.

On day three, we discussed some digital terms (like domain and subdomain) to increase our digital fluency. We also talked about digital citizenship, using the internet responsibly when talking about things like the metaverse. Digital praxis is “practicing” or learning how to use digital technology. We covered this by talking about terms and how to create a domain and subdomain. We also had to read “Science Fiction is a Luddite Literature” by Cory Doctorow and excerpts from Snow Crash by Neal Stephenson.