DGST 395

DGST 395: Week 2 Summary

There was no class on Monday because of MLK day.

On Wednesday in class, we talked about the metaverse and how it compares to science fiction novels (like the excerpt we read from Snow Crash). For Hiro, the metaverse looked like an even busier New York City, but it may not be the same for us. In class, my group and I talked a lot about what the metaverse actually is. When talking about the metaverse and how, for some, it seems scary/like a bad idea, I wonder if this is how people felt when the internet took off.

For homework, I watched The Social Dilemma and checked out Oocities.org as well as The Wayback Machine. I have seen The Social Dilemma many times before and always enjoy it (even if it scares me a bit). It is such an important documentary/film to watch because I do not think most people realize how much control social media has over us and what we see.

When checking out Oocities.org, I found a girl’s website named Tanja. https://www.oocities.org/collegepark/dorm/3090/. The last time she updated her site was September 2002. She moved to London and skateboards. In one of her albums, I found a bunch of old pictures of her and her friends https://www.oocities.org/collegepark/dorm/3090/.

Photo caption: “The PeaceOneDay Skate”
Photo caption: “Hippy skaters: Asha, ?, Alistair, Scottish John and me”

It’s so weird to see these photos from so long of the random person from their random website that I just happened to click on!

When exploring The Wayback Machine, most websites needed Adobe Flash Player to run which doesn’t exist anymore, but I did get this cool screencap from the Disney website in 2000.

On Friday, we continued our discussion of the metaverse and science fiction. We watched clips from the movies Johnny Mnemonic and Ready Player One. In class, we came up with an idea for our own virtual world and how characters would join. This is what we came up with: The character pops in bright blue two contacts and attaches a neurotransmitter to the side of their head. Next, they hit the on button, making their eyes glow. From there, they fall into a virtual world. You can search for locations and enter destinations like coordinates in the world. For homework, we listen to The Lost Cities of Geo where they talked about the web when it was being developed and GeoCities.