DGST 395

DGST 395: Week 3 Summary

On Monday, for homework, we had to listen to the podcast about Geocities. Something I mentioned in class that I found interesting was how Geocities “replicated” real life and made Geocities imitate real-life locations with things like neighborhoods. 

Here is an interesting Geocities page I found

I have no idea what’s going on but I want my page to be as gaudy as that. 

In class, we talked about virtual communities and hyperstacks. Someone sent one for a game called Get Rich Quick and I spent a few hours playing it till I finished the game.

I found these two:

Betty Boop

Walt Disney World Money 

On Wednesday, we talked about historical hypertext concepts. Our group had to research memex and write a small blurb. This is what we came up with: 

Memex is a device that allows people to compress and store things like books, records, and communications. It has been compared to an online filing cabinet or a self-contained research library. It is able to keep track of what you look at, so you can backtrack your search.

Memex has actually been implemented in real life since 2019 by Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency. DARPA was inspired by a hypothetical device written by Bush in 1945 and created one that would apply to any public domain content, but would most specifically be used to address a key mission of the Defense Department, which is fighting human trafficking in online forums. 

On Friday, we talked about HTML and writing code. To learn more about HTML and CSS I’m going to use W3Schools and peer teaching. For this project, I’m going to make a Taylor Swift fan page in a retro style. I will be using Sublime Text.

I wrote some stuff up for my website:
Taylor Allison Swift is an American singer-songwriter. Taylor was born on December 13, 1989, in Reading, Pennsylvania. Growing up, she loved to sing, write songs, and play guitar. At age 13, Swift and her family moved to Nashville, Tennessee, to pursue Taylor’s music career. She was signed the next year. Despite all the hate and “controversy”, she has endured, she has been regularly cited as one of the most successful artists of our generation. As of 2022, Taylor has released nine albums (not including two re-recordings). She has won countless awards, including 42 Grammy nominations and 11 wins. She is the first and only solo female artist to win the Grammy for album of the year three times. Not only is she a musician, but she has also starred in movies and directed a short film. She is known for her hit songs, including “Love Story,” “Shake It Off,” “I Knew You Were Trouble,” and “We Are Never Getting Back Together” (to name a few).

I also made this gif:

Inspiration for my website.

Code from class: