DGST 395

DGST 395: Week 7 Summary

On Monday, we learned python functions and practiced by making Magic 8 Balls. On Wednesday and Friday, we had peer teaching.

Here is my Magic 8 Ball function. I used the actual Magic 8 Ball phrases because I liked the variety. I programmed it this way because it seemed to be the cleanest and most succinct way to do it.

My Magic 8 Ball Function

For my peer teaching, I will be teaching the basics of making a game in Twine. My lesson covers:

  • How to open Twine
  • How to create a passage
  • How to name a passage
  • How to code a hyperlink to another passage using [[ ]]
  • How to go back to another passage while using the text you want [[locked door->Room]]
  • Have students create their own short stories on Twine.
A short Twine game I made for peer teaching.

Caitlin taught us about a program called Anki. In Anki, you can make flashcards with a lot of cool tools. You can change the color of words, add images, add audio, and even check your study statistics. You can also download your flashcards so you don’t need internet access to study. I was super excited to learn about this because it has a lot of similar features to Quizlet premium but it has more tools and is free.

My project proposal: For my big project, I am making a game on Twine. Twine is a program that allows you to create interactive fiction games. By creating hyperlinks, you allow your players to read a story and click the options they want, like a virtual version of a choose your own adventure game. For my project specifically, I will be making a game about anxiety. I was diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder at age eight, so I am very familiar with it. Players will have to go through a regular day, but there will be obstacles in the way that many people with anxiety have to deal with on a daily basis.

In terms of my learning, I think the class is going well. I have learned how to code using HTML (which I really enjoyed) and Python. I was super nervous to code and never thought it was something I could do, so I am excited to have finally used it. I’ve enjoyed the readings we have done, and I am enjoying this new node on algorithms because I think they are fascinating.